• World trade in manufactured goods is increasing. Is your organization ready to compete in international markets?
  • By using "Lean thinking", many firms have realized gains in productivity and profitability, including 60 to 70% gains in production lead time and process efficiency, and 50 to 60% gains in on-time delivery and inventory turnover.
  • Lean methodologies and Lean thinking help to create an environment of trust and accountability, while reducing waste and increasing productivity. Adopting Lean practices results in the ability to create high quality products at competitive prices.

Some of the typical results our clients see after applying Lean Training and Lean Thinking practices to their manufacturing processes:


  • first-pass yields 50 to 100%
  • throughput 40 to 80%
  • productivity 75 to 125%

What is Lean Manufacturing?

Simply put - Lean Manufacturing is the process that gets a company SAVING AS MUCH MONEY as it can possibly save, while satisfying it's customer's NEEDS. It targets WASTEFUL activities in the entire business, and shows techniques to ELIMINATE THESE ACTIVITIES. About 75% of all the time it takes to deliver a product or service can be saved in the first 3 months. And what happens after that, then 50% of that time can be saved in the next 3 months. After two years on this journey, of saving time and money, and increasing profits, you are GETTING LEAN.

Lean 101 Course Testimonial:

"Found lean 101 very interesting...I will always look at our production/company from a different angle."

Richard Jungkind Operations Manager PTI Noble Structures Inc.